Monday, October 13, 2014

Julie G Rio de Janeiro and Santorini - PLUS Monster Plantation Party Pics!!

Hey everybody!  Hey, it's Monday again.  That was one quick weekend...but more about that in a bit! :) Today I have a couple of Julie G polishes to show you from the Summer 2014 Cruise Collection.  I had actually bought these several months ago on a weekend jaunt with Mr. Sweets, but then I went on hiatus and didn't get a chance to show them until now.

You know my feelings about pink with a dash of purple...and Rio de Janeiro is just that.

Rio de Janeiro is a gorgeous, purple-tinged, deep pink creme.  *Broken record alert*  I didn't have anything else like this color in my collection.  I used two coats, and the application was easy and covered Mr. VaNeLi quite thoroughly.

Although the Cruise collection was introduced in summer, I can absolutely see this deep pink as a fall color too.

The other polish I picked up from the collection was yet another purple-tinged color, this time a blue:  Santorini.

Yep...I realize that my coloring looks at least 7 levels of weird in these pics...but BLAST YOU, SANTORINI!!  I could NOT get an accurate color shot of this without doing funky things to my skin color.  But this is a nail polish blog and not a Melissa's complexion blog, so the funkiness won out.

I used two coats of this lovely periwinkle creme, but I needed 3 because I was having some streaking issues.  I was too darn sleepy to apply a third coat.  I guess it's the nature of a light blue to behave badly. *sigh*  The streaky patches aren't noticeable in person.

I purchase my Julie G polishes at Rite Aid, where they retail for $3.99.  I love Julie G products!! :)

And now, as promised...some pics from my sister Melanie and brother-in-law Chris' Halloween party at their home, The Monster Plantation!!  You may remember my post last year that showed how much they love to decorate for Halloween. Well, they also throw a themed party every year for their friends and co-workers.  This year's theme was circus/sideshow freaks from the early 1900's, entitled Lord Rapscallion's CarnEVIL.  I was the official party photographer and created a vintage group of photos reminiscent of those old circus sideshow acts.  Incidentally, some of the costumes were based on actual performers.

Lord Rapscallion himself...legend says he set fire to his own circus for the insurance money!  What a jerk!!

Pip and Flip - read about the real Pip and Flip here.
The Bearded Lady and Half-Girl

And a group shot of all of the circus performers during their glory days...that's Koo-Koo the Bird Girl on the front row!

Be sure to click on the group shot for a closer look.  That very short, demented-looking Pierrot clown is yours truly. :D

As always, thank you for stopping by, and have a fantastic day! <3


  1. Those two are pretty cremes from Julie G. Love the party pictures too!

  2. Rio de Janiero reminds me of Julep Helena, which I loved but gave away because Julep...

    Arson for insurance money. The nerve. Brilliant theme, it all looks like everyone had a blast... I can't help but hope the original performers were able to find peace with their conditions and status. Thanks for providing the stories behind the actual people ♥

    1. "Because Julep" line of the week. :D As for the original performers? Back in the centuries past, these people didn't live on disability checks. It was usually that they ended up institutionalized. In many cases, the circus would be a safe haven for them.

    2. I wish the article on the Half-Girl went into a little more description of her condition because I find my self highly curious about how she went to the bathroom?! What's wrong with me?!!

    3. Nothing's wrong with you...and I simply have no idea how ANY of that worked! :/

  3. I haven't picked up any of the JulieG cremes, not sure why! Rio de Janeiro is very pretty. OMG the party pictures are awesome, looks like a fun crowd!

  4. Yes you need some Julie G in your life!! I think they are a wonderful brand. And thanks...we had a great time as freaks, LOL. ;)

  5. Hooray, I think I have Rio de Janeiro somewhere!!! Looks like I know what the next mani is going to be... (right after I finish plowing through my new Rainbow Honeys!!). I agree, JulieG is fantastic! For $3.99, I pick one up anytime I'm anywhere remotely near a RiteAid.

    1. YAY!! Isn't Rite Aid the best? And Rio is a really lovely color too. :)


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