Wednesday, October 22, 2014

For College Moms: October PijonBox Review

Hey everybody!  Tonight I have a NOT NAIL RELATED post for you that I think might be both interesting and helpful. :)  My stepdaughter Hannah is now a college freshman and lives 3 hours away from home.  Even before she graduated high school, I had been researching subscription boxes for college students.  I knew Hannah would be homesick, and let's face it, when we're homesick, we want to know somebody is thinking about us.  And getting stuff in the mail is even better.

After looking at a few different subscription boxes, I decided to go with PijonBox, based on the company's very positive reviews.  When you sign up for PijonBox, you have the option of choosing a box for a boy or a girl.  You can also choose which and how many months you want your box to go to your student.  The boxes have 5 or 6 items and include things like essentials, snacks and personal items, all packaged nicely in a box that politely asks that you not swipe it if it's not meant for you. :)  So, without further ado, our collaborative review!

Oh, by the way...don't go around trying to be all French with your pronunciation like I did for a month, like an idiot.  It's pronounced "pigeon.":P

 Right before they ship the box, Pijon sends you an email asking if you want to include a message for your student.  They ship around the 10th, and Hannah gets hers about 5 days later.

The October box included 2 packets of multi-vitamin gummies, a bag of egg white chips (!!), a pomegranate blueberry oatmeal smoothie...

...two python-embossed notebooks,

...a pair of earbuds,

...and a Rooted Beauty Pina Colada lip butter, which is part of the Woman2Woman Project.  Very cool!

Hannah and I are very happy with her PijonBox subscription.  The monthly price varies on the number of boxes you send.  Four boxes will cost $27 per box, 8 will cost $25 per box, or you can make a custom order for as low as $23 per box.  I think the price is very good for the product, the presentation, and of course, the shipping.  Last month, Hannah received a pair of Jonanthan Adler socks in her box, and those alone retail for $14.

So, if you have a student in the family who needs a nice care package, I highly recommend PijonBox.  If you are interested in checking them out, you can use my referral link and receive $10 off your first order!

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day! <3


  1. This is very cool! I used to have a couple of subscriptions, but cancelled to make way for extra nail polish. At some point I got Mr Chuckles a Birchbox sub, what was I thinking??? It was such a waste and they all sit there on top of my untrieds to this day, lol. Right now I feel very happy this is for college kids and mine is a bit far from still. I laughed so hard with the "pigeon" clarification, I thought it was French too! XD

    1. I felt like the biggest idiot when I realized that the BIRD ON THE BOX was indicative of the name! Ugh!! :) Wow...Mr. Chuckles got a Birchbox?? This was my first ever sub box, so naturally I was quite pleased when Princess Sweets liked it. <3 Enjoy this time with your little one, because Hannah was little such a short time ago...

  2. I've never heard of this subscription box before but everything looks so nice.

    1. I'm very happy with it! I'm just sad I can't sample all of the food, hahaha. :)


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