Lacquer Reverie Glossary of Terms

I use my own terminology on this blog.  I mostly eschew the generally accepted words used in the nail polish world because so many of them just don't sound like words I would use.  I also make personal references on a regular basis that may leave you scratching your head.  So to avoid any confusion, here are some of my blog terms and phrases:

Annoyingly indecisive:  when a color can't decide whether it's pink or coral

The Blogger Made Me Do It:  posts about a polish that another blogger convinced me to purchase

Cheapskate Files:  posts about really good deals I got on polish

Fallen into the abyss:  I've lost something

Financial responsibility:  using my never-worns

Gone the way of the dodo:  no longer available for purchase

The Guy Who Notices Nail Polish:  my boss

Mr. Sweets:  my husband Brian

Mr. VaNeLi:  visible nail line

My boys:  my two Maltese, Angelo and Nicky

Never-worns:  polishes I haven't tried yet.  I don't use "untrieds".

Polish shopping weekend:  drugstore polish shopping with Brian

Practically imperceptible:  describes a polish twin.  I do not use "dupe".

Princess Sweets:  my stepdaughter Hannah

Shorties (or Blasted Shorties):  my nails when they break.  I don't use "nubs" or "nubbins."

Sir Sweets-a-Lot:  my stepson Hunter

Well-behaved:  office friendly

Wish List:  just that.  I don't use "lemming."

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