Friday, October 2, 2015

OPI Designer Series Extravagance, Lapis and Mystery

Hey everybody!  I am really bummed today.  I was supposed to see my beloved Mr. Sweets this weekend, but Hurricane Joaquin has put an end to our plans. :'(  So I decided instead to treat you all to a quick post of a few more of my amazing OPI Designer Series finds from the clearance rack.

DS Extravagance is still a very popular polish and one that is probably still on many a wish list.  I think (?) it was released around 2008.  It is a beautiful purple/wine jelly base filled with holographic shimmer.  This is two coats, but I could have used three, as I spot a bald patch on yon index finger! :o  Extravagance is easy to apply and wears quite well.

DS Lapis was released in 2013 (along with Pewter) as a textured polish.  The color is iolite blue, which has a hint of violet.  It's full of silver shimmer and dries matte, but as you can see, it has a distinct sheen.  As you know, I'm not really a matte girl, so I topcoated mine and wore it to work the following day with the intention of getting a topcoat pic that night as well.  But much to my dismay and surprise, this polish chipped like crazy, even with topcoat, within a few hours!  I was so disappointed too, because Lapis really is a stunning color, and the sparkle is out of this world.

The 2009 release DS Mystery is just that.  I put this on and still had no idea what color it was.  It's extremely dark and rather confusing.  In the bottle, Mystery looks black with a heavy gold shimmer.  On the nail, it's blackened purple, and the gold seems not as obvious.  It's weird.  I've seen other photos of Mystery that looked more interesting, but on me, something just got lost.  It wasn't any better in person, either. :/

Do you have any of these Designer Series shades?  What is your opinion of them?  And did you notice the pliers marks on Mystery's bottle lid? :)

As always, thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely day. <3


  1. Some great colors. Loving the first two in particular.

    1. Yeah...Extravagance and Lapis are pretty beautiful!

  2. So happy that you finally got Opulence for yourself! I hunted it down on ebay many times with the thought of getting it for you but never did. Turns out that was for the best, because your clearance price at Ulta was probably way better than any ebay price I found. And it looks gorgeous on you, like we knew it would. Hurray!

    Lapis chipping on you so fast is kind of disturbing. I have often thought about seeking that one out along with its partner that year, I think it was Pewter? Lapis is certainly the prettier of the two and I would have wanted to topcoat it as well. Huh. Well, I think I'll cross it off my list.

    Mystery lives up to its name, I guess. I thought I had that one but it turns out I have Magic instead, which is dark blue.

    Sorry Joaquin put the kibosh on your rendezvous with Mr. Sweets, but your swatching is awesome!

    1. I remember drooling over your pics of Extravagance! :P I really love that one. I was so surprised about the chipping deal. Textured polishes are usually really long-wearing, but this one did the same thing as my famous nemesis, butter LONDON The Black Knight. I can't tell you how gorgeous it is with top coat though. Yikes! I also have Magic and will swatch that one soon. :D

      Thanks...I'm really upset with Joaquin because I haven't seen Mr. Sweets in 6 weeks! :'(

  3. Oh wow these are all gorgeous :-D


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