Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Indi-Glow

Hey everybody!  You may have guessed that life has gotten a wee bit busy for me lately.  If you did guess that, you'd be correct! :D  I have some hefty things on the horizon, namely taking care of my Mom after knee replacement surgery next week.  I wanted to try to squeeze in a post before things got too how about a super-pretty jelly?

Sally Hansen XTreme Wear Indi-Glow kinda sneaked up on me.  I have only seen this in one Walgreens, ever.  I wasn't sure if it would be as pigmented as it looks in the bottle, when I opened it up and pulled out the brush, I knew I had to have it. :)

Isn't this pretty?  Indi-Glow is a true indigo, a deep violet blue full of delightfully squishy attributes.  It's also full of color-changing glitter that was impossible to capture on film.  Just look at the bottle shot, and that's what it looks like on the nail.  I'm wearing three coats, and application was pretty much perfect.

Of course, you know I'm always singing the blues (uh, no pun intended) when it comes to my jelly tip wear.  It's just always there, much like my famous non-friend, Mr. VaNeLi.  Indi-Glow isn't this transparent in real life either.  And it's crazy how the photos just don't show the plethora of glitter in this polish.  I guess you could say this photographic journey a la jelly was a total flop.

But I DID manage to get a pseudo-decent macro shot that (somehow) shows all the glitter.  Okay...just imagine this glitter not only being abundant, but glowing and color-changing as well! :D

Well.  Best thing I can say about this post is that my cuticles look fairly good.  You all might be glad you won't see me next week. :P

Indi-Glow is a part of the XTreme Wear Limited Edition Spring 2014 line.  I highly recommend it for anybody who is addicted to jellies! 

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope to see you all very soon. <3