Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello, 2014: Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer When the Ball Drops

Hey everybody!  Well, this is it...the Grand Finale of 2013.  My head still thinks it's June or something.  My year went by so quickly...I *hear* that happens as you get older. :P  I have the perfect polish for ringing in the new year: When the Ball Drops by fabulous indie brand Shirley Ann Nail Lacquer.

Mmmmmm...just look at that deliciousness!  Blue, pink, and gold holo glitter as far as the eye can see!  It's fantastic!  This stuff practically screams "Dick Clark"! :D  Oh, okay...not Dick Clark...how about party food and streamers??

See all the photographic mess surrounding the glitters?  My camera, which is usually so well-behaved, was losing its composure whilst trying to capture this sparkly work of art.  I layered When the Ball Drops over black to showcase all the colors clearly (I use the word "clearly" loosely).  For those of you who like your glitter on its own, When the Ball Drops is full coverage in 2 coats.

I really am rather embarrassed at the smudgy glitter shots.  I tried and tried, but this crazy glitter burst forth into reflective madness every time! :D  I couldn't even get a proper bottle shot.  Seriously.

Baby, you're a firework.

Don't you love a super-sparkly glitter polish for a fun occasion?  Shirley Ann Nail Lacquers can be purchased on Etsy.  And AHHHH...if you hurry...and by "hurry", I mean get over there right NOW, Cherish is having a 25% off sale (on top of her already crazy low prices) until tomorrow, 1/1/14.  Use code BEMERRY25 and be prepared to fall in love with some gorgeous stuff! 

And now the time has come to reflect on the year that was 2013...quite honestly, it's been one of my more challenging ones.  But there is a promise from God that is perfect to remember at the beginning of a new year..."Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails." Proverbs 19:21

Thanks for reading in 2013, and have a lovely and safe New Year's Eve! <3

Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Very Popular Post of 2013, Version 2.0: L'Oreal Color Riche Gold Dust

Hey everybody!  I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.  I had a lovely time with my family, and now I'm back to the blogosphere as 2013 winds down.  I contemplated doing a year end "best of" post like a lot of other bloggers are doing, but I decided against that because 1) I didn't start blogging until April, and 2) I don't get press samples and don't have nearly the choices that others do.  So what I am doing is a big ol' continuation of one of my most popular posts of 2013, L'Oreal Too Dimensional? from the textured Gold Dust collection.  I loved Too Dimensional? so much that I purchased 4 more Gold Dust polishes.  And now seems to be the perfect time to show them off.  So, without further ado...my swan song of 2013! :D

I will keep my introductions to each of these succinct and say up front that all 4 had terrific formulas, zero cleanup, and a major glitter wow factor.  I used two coats of each for the photos.  The texture of the L'Oreal Gold Dust collection is just like Julie G Gumdrops textures, which I love as well. 

First off is the lovely lavender called The Reign of Studs.  I confess, I have no idea what that name means.  It sounds like some weird play on Game of Thrones.  Or The King of Queens.  I don't know.  It looks a bit similar to Too Dimensional?, but it's more of a true purple hue with silver glitter instead of gold.

Next is a *really* elegant gold texture...I mean, this is one pretty color.  It's not an out there, in your face gold...it's muted and delicate and ohhhh so pretty, the appropriately named The Statement Piece.

Did you catch that reference to being "appropriately named"?  There's a reason for that.  Next up is possibly the worst named polish of 2013...and frankly, I thought nothing could top Wharf! Wharf! Wharf!  And it's a shame too, because I Like It Chunky (???) is one of the most gorgeous textured numbers ever invented.  The pink glitter in the coppery base creates an overall look of rose gold.  I guess it likes its glitter chunky.  I hope so anyway...I Like It Chunky looks really, really rotten on me, but I don't care.  It's soooo pretty.

And you all know me by now...I'm gonna save the vamptastic shade for last!  Feast your eyes on Sexy in Sequins, a blackish-purple with lots of pink, lavender and gold glitter.  This one has it all.  I was worried that its dark base would made it troublesome to work with, but nope...another winner. :)

I have resisted (thus far) the temptation to just go ahead and finish purchasing this collection.  But who knows what tomorrow may bring?? :D  There is something about the L'Oreal Gold Dust polishes that really connected with people.  They are all exceptionally pretty, long-wearing, and inexpensive...and something tells me that when this limited edition sells out, the polishes will be the sought-after prizes of tomorrow.  I got all of mine at Rite Aid.

For those of you curious about my Top 5 Popular Posts of 2013, here they are:

1)  Comparison:  butter LONDON The Black Knight vs. Hard Candy Bite of Black
2)  How Bloggers Influence Me:  Sinful Shine Yours Truly
3)  Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Comparison:  Bubble Plum and Red Velvet
4)  Maybelline Color Show Brocades:  Gilded Rose
5)  L'Oreal Does Texture:  Color Riche Gold Dust Too Dimensional? 

Notice anything in particular about all these?  Girls love drugstore brands. :)

Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely day! <3

Friday, December 20, 2013

My Christmas Favorites from Layla: Killing Red and Green Galaxy

Hey everybody!   Wow, it's certainly getting close to Christmas.  My head still thinks it's June. :/  Oh well, that won't stop me from wearing my festive Christmas polishes!  Today I am featuring a couple of Layla Ceramic Effects, 53 and 54...also known as Killing Red (mmm-kay) and Green Galaxy, respectively.

Layla Ceramic Effect 53 is a delicious apple red jelly with flakies.  I would say it had me at jelly, but then it REALLY had me at flakies. :)

Killing Red's jelly formula was a bit thin and you can certainly see Mr. Vaneli (visible nail line) peeking through, but it looks worse in photos than in real life.  I used two coats for the photos.  The flakies apply well and evenly and give a lovely, fiery, orange-gold glow.  Ahhhh...reminds me of a yule log. ;)

My other Layla Ceramic Effect that positively screams "O CHRISTMAS TREE!" is #54, Green Galaxy.

Galaxy Green is a beautiful deep emerald green.  It's one of those greens that looks slightly blackened.  Green Galaxy is positively packed with green glitters of all sizes.  Especially pretty in this one are the micro glitters...they make this polish twinkle like a little star. :)

I applied two coats of Green Galaxy for the photos.  This is also a jelly, but it covers more thoroughly than Killing Red.  Either than, or Mr. Vaneli was tired of showing up for so many of my photos. :D

How do you like these true Christmas colors?  Layla Ceramic Effect polishes are lovely and long wearing.  Unfortunately, Ulta has stopped carrying them, but Ninja Polish carries an excellent selection of Layla.

Funny story about these two polishes...they were a Christmas gift from my sister last year.  My family, unusual beings that we are, never writes the correct "from whom" names on present tags.  We have done that for as long as I can remember.  We usually like to drop some sort of connection hint in the name.  Well, last year my sister wrapped this big box of cosmetics, including these polishes, and everything she bought had glitter or shimmer in it.  The tag read "To: Melissa, From: Tramps 'R' Us".  LOLOLOL!!  I still love that one. :P

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Blogger Made Me Do It: Not Your Mama's Cranberry Sauce

Hey everybody!  I just know you're in the mood for me to blame somebody else for making me buy polish.  Well, here I am to deliver!  Aren't you impressed with my lack of personal responsibility? :D  Today's guilty party for causing me to go polish bananas is...drumroll please...Michelle from Lacquer or Leave Her.  Her post on Shirley Ann Nail Lacquers had me hopping on Etsy over Black Friday weekend before the Thanksgiving leftovers were cold. :)  I took advantage of the fabulous Black Friday sale that designer Cherish was having and snagged this unbelievable beauty...and it's Not Your Mama's Cranberry Sauce! ;)

Are your eyes still recovering from the incredible holo glitter in this beauty??  Well, that's good, because mine haven't! :D  I kid you not, Not Your Mama's Cranberry Sauce is now in my Top 5 most beloved polishes.  It's THAT beautiful.  And Cherish is right...this is not my Mom's cranberry sauce.  Our cranberry sauce always had ridges and numbers stamped on the bottom. :P

As you can see, Not Your Mama's Cranberry Sauce is...YEP...a cranberry-colored jelly that is packed with heaps of delicious medium, small, and micro gold holo glitter.  I used three coats of it, and application was hands down the best jelly polish I have ever used.  The glitter spread evenly as well.

Of course, photos can't accurately show the flash of the glitter...but I will tell you that under the lights, it looks like flickering candlelight.  It's so perfect for Christmas time!  I was talking to somebody in the office while wearing this polish, and the person was looking at my hands and honestly got distracted.  I have been wearing Not Your Mama's Cranberry Sauce for three days and counting.  I just don't want to take it off. :)

You can find Not Your Mama's Cranberry Sauce and other Shirley Ann Nail Lacquers on Etsy.  Full sized bottles sell for only $6, which is just absurd, because every single one I bought is pure magic.  I bought my sister a bottle of Cranberry Sauce for Christmas because it's so crazy gorgeous.  I will show you the other Shirley Ann Nail Lacquers I picked up over Black Friday weekend at a later date...I just HAD to get this tasty number in before Christmas!

What do you think of this juicy delight?  Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely day! ;)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sally Hansen Satin Glam: Taffeta and Teal Tulle

Hey everybody!  Today I thought I would grace you with another post chronicling my love affair with the Satin Glam line by Sally Hansen. :D  I did a post on Go Gold a few weeks ago...but I just had to go back to Ulta and pick up a couple more of these beautiful polishes.  They are just so festive.  And WOW are they pretty! :)

First up is the color that happens to be the same hue as Pantone's newly named color of the year for 2014.  Feast your eyes on the loveliness that is Taffeta!

Taffeta is a medium orchid purple with a bit of warmth to it.  Sally Hansen's website says that the Satin Glam polishes are infused with pearl particles...I can believe that.  These polishes have a glow that can only be described as pearly.

I used two coats and no top coat, of course.  The finish is smooth, satiny, and absolutely elegant.

Next I have the Satin Glam that I can't believe I didn't buy in the first place, Teal Tulle.  What a beauty this is!

ARGH.  I die.  So gorgeous.  Teal Tulle is a soft, true aqua that glows like crazy under the lights.

I used two coats and no top coat.  And then I stared at it for hours and hours. :D

Application on the Satin Glams is fabulously mistake-proof.  YAY!!  This time around, I had much less of an issue with dry time than before, so I am guessing that was all weather related. 

The Satin Glams are insanely lovely polishes that I can't recommend enough.  You will love the elegant finish on these.  And let me add that if you are not a textured polish lover, the Satin Glams are sort of like a texture "lite" because you won't mess with your nails while you wear these, and of course they aren't gritty.  They are truly their own unique finish and do in fact feel like a satin ribbon. :)

I hope you're enjoying all these holiday drugstore polish posts...I am so impressed with what is coming out these days!  Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely day! <3

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Revlon Parfumerie Ginger Melon and Lime Basil

Hey everybody!  I know by now you all have seen the displays everywhere for the charmingly retro Revlon Parfumerie polishes.  So far, I have seen 4 completely different displays of them.  And only one, a CVS end cap display, contained the two polishes I am showing today.  I purchased a couple from the Wal-Mart display, Italian Leather and Apricot Nectar, but I want to show you the ones that are a bit harder to find.

The Revlon Parfumerie polishes are a death-knell to somebody (like myself) who is drawn to unusual packaging.  Let's face it...these little vintage bottles are just adorable.  And scented on top of that?  Here's my money.  But a word of caution:  do NOT take a whiff of the polish whilst in the store.  You really don't want somebody to find you passed out in the Wal-Mart cosmetics department...I mean, you just saw somebody else like that over in the Doritos aisle, and you told yourself you'd never be THAT person.

I will go ahead and tell you that I used 3 coats for both polishes.  I was having a fearsome struggle with Mr. Vaneli.  That's my new cosmopolitan name for my ever-present visible nail line.  I think it makes him sound less annoying. :)  The formula of these 2 cremes was thin but wonderfully easy to control...I love them both.  And the tiny little brush?  It's perfect for my toddler-sized nails. :)

Now that I've gotten all that out of the way...tell me what you think of Ginger Melon!

The color of of Ginger Melon and I have a long history.  It's one of those colors that's just as coral as it is pink.  For some reason, I have always been terribly offended by indecisive pinks and corals.  I'm not that way with anything else!?  But this also happens to be the color that EVERY TIME I wear it, people tell me how good it looks on me.  Every time.  Grrr.  But I can't deny it...it's a pretty color.  I just wish it wasn't so offensive. :D

Your eyes do NOT deceive you!  The color of Ginger Melon changed on my nails from its bottle color.  Crazy!  This polish is very shiny too.

And the scent...well, it's not melon.  And it's not ginger.  It's more like a vague fruit.  Let's call it "Generic Melon." :)  It's a pleasant scent but a touch on the sweet side.

The next one of the rarer Parfumerie offerings I have is Lime Basil, a luscious medium green.

The color of Lime Basil is a bit bluer than the photos show...for some reason, the color was correct until I uploaded the pics onto here! :/  It's really pretty.  It could be either a Christmas green or a summer green.  I love it.

Lime Basil is another very shiny polish.  And, like Ginger Melon, it dried to a slightly different color on my nails.  Maybe the scent gives these a split personality? :)  Uh oh...more indecisiveness!!

Now for the scent of Lime Basil...the verdict is in:  Guilty of being delicious!!  It's fresh and citrus and does indeed smell faintly of basil.  You will definitely keep sniffing your hands with this one.  Don't do it too conspicuously though...your co-workers might think you ate fried chicken for lunch and then didn't wash your hands afterwards.

Did you pick up any of the Revlon Perfumerie polishes?  I can't say enough good about these two!  And I did want to add that if you haven't snagged any of these yet, go check out Jessica's comprehensive collection reviews of the entire Parfumerie line at Be Happy and Buy Polish.  She spells it all out and did a super job...BUT she doesn't like Lime Basil, LOL!!  Oh well! :P

Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely day! <3

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Maybelline Color Show Brocades: Amethyst Couture, Emerald Elegance, and Embellished Blues

Hey everybody!  I hope you all have been well.  I'm back from a wonderful vacation with my hubby and ready to show you some more embarrassing evidence of my polish obsession! :D

Well...it's like this...I've made no secret that I have fallen in love with the Maybelline Color Show Brocades.  And I also made no secret that I wanted more of them.  So, being a girl of my word, I picked up three more!  You can certainly count on me to make you feel like you have less of a purchasing problem than *some* people do.

First up, I have the Brocades number that fascinated me to no end when first I saw it:  Amethyst Couture.

Amethyst Couture is a deep purple with purple glitter.  In the bottle, this color looks like it would be about 50/50 black and purple.  But on the nail, it's thoroughly purple...kind of a raisin purple.  It's odd.  I'm a bit torn on Amethyst Couture.  It applied rather dreadfully and was thicker than cold sawmill gravy.  But I like it so much in the bottle. :)  It's just not fair!!

Next up is one seriously holly-jolly-just-in-time-for-Christmas polish that is absolutely beautiful:  Emerald Elegance.

Ahhhhh, now we're talking. :D  Emerald Elegance has that gorgeously reflective metallic quality that we saw in Gilded Rose and Ruby Refined.  This green has a golden glow due to the abundance of tiny gold glitter in the base.  It is the polish form of Scarlett O'Hara's green velvet curtain dress. :)  The application of Emerald Elegance was good. 

Last we have my favorite from the Brocades, Embellished Blues.

Embellished Blues is not only super interesting in the bottle, but unlike Amethyst Couture, is delivers on the nail as well.  It is a grey-leaning blurple with a lot of tiny gold glitter and medium periwinkle glitter.  It has that same luxe feel of Emerald Elegance.  Application on this one was good also.

Uhhhh, no, you're not seeing things.  This lovely color DOES in fact look like a slightly darker version of that other polish that recently stole my heart, L'Oreal Too Dimensional?  Same color scheme...much different finish! :)  Variety is indeed the spice of life...even if the color is the same.  That sorta made sense.  Right?  It's late.

So...have I convinced anybody to finally run out to their local Rite Aid and pick these up??  My final thoughts about the Maybelline Brocades:

1)  People say they chip horribly, but they do not on me at all...not one of them.
2)  They dry very rough due to the glitter.  You will need a couple of coats of top coat.
3)  The colors are rich and interesting.
4)  The $3.99 price is very good for something that looks like these.
5)  They are a good way to get a glitter fix but still look dressy.

So...there you have it!  The Brocades collection, in my humble opinion, is a big winner. :)

Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely day!