Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sinful Colors Silver Belle

Hey everybody!  My name is Melissa, and I run a humble blog called Lacquer Reverie.  When the lovely Dani asked me to do a guest post for her while her nails are in rehab, I was only too happy to oblige!  Dani is a sweet girl with two terribly cute little boys, and she is forever posting on Facebook delicious photos of some gourmet dish she's whipped up.  Maybe one day she'll post some food pics on here! ;)

Today I have decided to appeal to the cheap in all of us nail polish collectors.  Nail polish is great.  We already know this.  But when a nail polish is pretty AND inexpensive, well, that's even better.  Sinful Colors is a line that I have had very good experiences with as far as wear, application, and interesting color choices...and the whoppin' $1.99 price tag just can't be beat.  This year Sinful Colors introduced quite a few new polishes for Christmas, including a frothy little delight called Silver Belle.

Silver Belle is a simple polish.  It's a muted metallic, not shiny, and not quite what you would call frosty.  It looks like pearly fabric.  It's got a medium amount of small silver hexes. 

Silver Belle is quite sheer, so I layered two coats over a light grey creme.  The polish applied effortlessly with no glitter issues or patchiness.

Isn't this pretty?  It's a Christmas party.  It's a winter's night.  It's a magical snowdrift.  It's $1.99!  Sorry...my enthusiasm got the better of me. :)

How could you NOT be the belle of the ball whilst wearing this lovely holiday polish?  I found my Sinful Colors Christmas polishes at Walgreens on a very large end cap display titled "Glitz and Glittered."

Thanks so much for reading, and many thanks to Dani for having me here today! 

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