Tuesday, September 29, 2015

OPI Designer Series Opulence

Hey everybody!  I hope you're doing well as we approach the halfway point of the work week. :)

Tonight I'm showing a fancy flashback:  OPI Designer Series Opulence.  I picked this little jewel up for $2 via the Ulta clearance shelf.  Class, that is what you call a "good investment." 

Poor little Opulence sat languishing in my collection of never-worns until recently.  Part of the reason is because - see those marks on the bottle cap?  I could not get the bottle open for anything, until I broke down and got the pliers.  Opulence is the second DS polish to which I had to break out the pliers!  But ugh...isn't it beautiful?  It's an antique-looking mauve pink loaded with shimmery holographic particles, and on me it has the tiniest hint of fawn, which creates a completely gorgeous autumnal look.  

Application of Opulence was my very favorite in a polish:  mistake proof!  And by that, I mean...well... mistake proof!  This formula is just too good to mess things up.  I was quite loathe to remove this one.

Have you snagged any fabulous deals lately?  Do you have any OPI DS polishes?  I was fortunate enough to pick up several DS polishes on clearance, so stay tuned for more yumness.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely day! <3


  1. What an utterly amazing buy! Did you emit a squeal of victory as you snatched it from the shelf? I would have. I've never seen any of the older OPI DS polishes on clearance or even for sale in an Ulta for that matter. Maybe I should make a point to visit the one near me more often! I had Opulence at one time but gave it away because the color just didn't do well with my pinkage. It looks beautiful on you, though! Elongates your nails in a most becoming way as well. Verrrry nice, m'dear!

    1. I had this polish out to take pics with the other DS ones I have, and Mom wanted to try it first. She was super impressed with the color (and application, for she makes a worse mess than even I do), so when I looked at it on her nails, I thought, wow, that is gorgeous. I haven't seen another color like it. And it doesn't look like it since my nails are so tiny, but they are very long...I always have way more free edge than it looks like I have. Darn tiny nails.

  2. OMG this looks amazing. I really like it :-D

    1. It's pretty in the bottle, but it really comes to life on the nail. :)


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