Friday, October 3, 2014

Autumn Leaves Are Falling: Pretty Jelly Maple

Hey everybody!  It's October, it's Friday, and it's actually supposed to be in the 50's in the morning.  Things are pretty good.  Throw a beautiful new autumnal polish into the mix, and things get even better!  

What is it about the calendar's announcing the beginning of autumn that makes us want to break out our fall polishes?  It sure isn't because I've broken out the boots, or scarves, or even long sleeves.  I personally start thinking of all the colors of the changing leaves.  And because I have a good imagination, I can *imagine* a cool puff of wind or two.  But back to the leaves...*SEGUE ALERT* I have one of the new polishes from the Pretty Jelly Fall Splendor collection.  Pretty Jelly creator Liz says the polishes in the collection are inspired by fall foliage.  I fell in love with Maple, a deep orange-red holo.  ORANGE??!!

Oh, but yes.

It's a banner day here at the Reverie:  I have found an orange that I like on me.  Yes...yes, I have. :)  Maple is a stunning linear holo that has that nice, respectable look in the shade and then explodes into a full-blown party in the light.  

I used three coats of Maple to cover up Mr. VaNeLi and his photo-bombing self.  Application with Pretty Jelly holos is always smooth and problem-free, and Maple is no exception. :)

Is it me, or is Maple absurdly delicious?  Well, yeah, I know maple syrup is...but THIS Maple is crazy beautiful.  I suddenly have the urge to eat pancakes and jump in a leaf pile.

Maple and the other Fall Splendor beauties are available for $12 each in Pretty Jelly's Etsy store.  Liz truly makes impeccable works of polish art. :) and orange.  What's next, a Hatfield and McCoy weekend picnic??  Thanks for stopping by, and have a lovely evening! <3


  1. That is pretty! Love a good holo.

  2. Hehe that is one stunning orange on you, and I'm glad you finally found one that works for you! :D I don't normally look forward to fall because I love summer, but this year I was counting down the days, and broke out the sweaters/boots/fall polishes at the earliest moment I could. For me, the excessively hot summer turned me into a fall person haha. :)

    ~ Yun

    1. Thanks!! I'm so happy orange and I called a truce. :) I simply can't imagine anybody loving summer, but that's because I detest humidity as much as it detests my hair.

  3. Oh my my... that does look delicious. Autumn hits my nails first too, and with this weather it might stay this way for a while for me (we have 97 today!), hopefully by the time winter hits things will have cooled down, lol. Pancakes are great anytime, anyday, so thanks for that craving, maple is lovely in it's edible form and this shade is fierce, I love it!

    1. Thanks!! I love pancakes so much that my friend and I are going pancaking after work today. I am hoping you and I will have some summer relief soon!!


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