Friday, May 3, 2013

What I Did For Cheap - Ulta Into Astrono-Me?

Hey everybody!  I love my neighborhood Ulta.  I visit it nearly every Sunday after church.  The employees all know me.  Should that embarrass me?  Maybe. :)  My very favorite thing in Ulta is the clearance section.  Since I go almost every week, I happen up on a lot of good stuff for really cheap.  And I love it when I can get good stuff for cheap.  A couple of weeks ago, I found a few discontinued Ulta brand polishes on clearance.  I really like Ulta polishes...they wear as well as any other polish does on me, they have a good color selection, and they have several different formulas (creme, glitter, metallic, etc.).  Tonight I am showing you Ulta Into Astrono-Me?, which I got for the very agreeable price of 99 cents. :)

Ulta Into Astrono-Me?

In the bottle, this looks like a plain navy blue.  I was surprised to see the shimmer and the very slight green undertones.  It's a very pretty color.  And did I mention it was 99 cents? 

That's 99 cents worth of purty!

The formula was a little streaky on the first coat, but a second coat evened everything out.  I decided to add a topper to see how it would look.  I chose another clearance acquisition, Here Kim's the Sun by Nicole by OPI.  I bought this one a little while back for $1.99. 

Here Kim's the Sun (WHY did they have to use the apostrophe?)

Here Kim's the Sun is a glitter topper of sparse opalescent glitter.  It's a very stunning look...the glitter is multicolored  and tiny.  I added one coat over Into Astrono-Me?, and the result was something like a night sky.  Not exactly "galaxy nails", but something a bit like it...and that's rather apropos, considering the name of the blue. :)  Here Kim's the Sun produced a twinkling star effect.

Here Kim's the Sun is a little hard to find anymore, but you can still get it on Ebay.  And if you hurry to your hometown Ulta, you may be able to find Into Astrono-Me? before it's gone forever.

What are some great deals you've found on clearance lately?  I am seemingly so adept at hitting the clearance jackpot that I could possibly make this a regular blog feature.  I hope that doesn't make you think I'm a tightwad. :)

Glam on the cheap!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a fantastic and safe Saturday! :)


  1. Wow, I LOVE that!! And I don't think the word "tightwad" would cross anyone's mind, least of all a fellow lacquerhead! I've always been of the mindset that the more I save on one thing, or in one category, the more I have to spend on something else - like an $11+ indie polish that makes me swoon! ;-) (today it's Cameo Colours Lite Night Lights, or something like that?)

    1. Thank you!! LOL, yeah! Now that's what I call sound reasoning. :D I kinda *gulp* when I spend more than $10 on a polish...not to say that I haven't, mind you...but that's why I love some markdown madness!!

  2. Yes!! Got to love the weekly Ulta trek ;) Mine's right across from the place I volunteer at every Saturday, so I always do a before or after trip. Their bespoke polishes are quite nice. This one reminds me a little of Catrice George Blueney. It looks gorgeous on its own but even more so with that unfortunately named NOPI ;) Best clearance polish I've found was a Layla holo when Ulta had those at half price.

    1. Yes...that Layla holo was a great deal! I bought one myself. :P I have never heard of Catrice...just looked it up, and you're right about this color. :)

  3. I really like Ulta's nail polish too. I always recommend them to people that maybe want to try out a "different" color but don't want to spend an arm and a leg. One of my favorites is Chic Peek, you should check it out, I bet you would like it:) Also, Army of 1 if you like green.


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