Thursday, March 20, 2014

Blogger Bud Love!! Hare Polish Pegasus

Hey everybody!  Yes, I have been suspiciously absent over here at the Reverie.  I have been doing some coursework that has left me not a whole lot of time for the blog this week.  Oh, and my cuticles are like an obnoxious CRUST that I shall blame on tax season.  Why not?  Grrrrrr...but I simply HAD to do a post about the lovely present I received from my dear blogging bud Christine of Polished Marvels.  She sent me not one, but TWO of my wish list polishes all the way from Switzerland. <3

Christine gave me a heads up that she was sending a package and had accidentally left out her handwritten note (that she found on her table when she got home from the post office).  She told me that she "tore the note to shreds in despair" when she discovered this, LOLOL!  Well, of course I couldn't wait to see what was in my package, and I was completely surprised to receive Hare Polish Pegasus! <3

Pegasus just looks so fairytale-esque.  It's soft and girly, but it's magically sparkly as well.  Something about this polish brings to mind Medieval jousting tournaments and pennants snapping in the breeze.  And fair ladies wearing braids and conical hennins. :)  What?  Sleeping Beauty was my favorite Disney movie! :P

Pegasus is a grey-lavender crelly loaded in silver glitter of varying sizes.  The glitter is very shiny and reflective.  I used three coats of Pegasus to get complete coverage, and it applied smoothly with no glitter issues...except that whole super-shiny thing. :)  The color is more grey in real life than in the photos.  It's quite unusual and I really love it.

So we have another beauty marked off the wish list, thanks to a very sweet and thoughtful friend.  Oh, and speaking of SWEET, look what else my favorite Swiss Miss included in my package:

Yeah.  Blogging buds are the best. Thanks again, Christine.  And thank you all for stopping by! :)


  1. This is a gorgeous color! She's so sweet in sending you this package too.

    1. Christine is the sweetest. <3 I was so surprised that she could part with Pegasus...but *shhhh* I'm glad she did! Heh heh...

  2. Ahhhh Pegasus found its perfect crib - a gazillion times better on you than me!!! So happy you like it and glad the mails arrived safely! I cannot look at my cuticles right now either but avert my eyes in disgust - eeeeeks they are a mess too and no nailtime in sight left and right on my schedule - grrrrr! Pegasus is made for you <3

    1. I can't imagine this not looking lovely on you! It's so soft and lovely. Hmmmm, not really our vampy style, is it? I don't care! Sometimes you just gotta be girly. :) Thank you again. <3


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