Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Welcome to my world! :)

Hey everybody!  I'm Melissa, an ordinary non-nail technician type of girl, who after much trepidation and self-doubt has decided to jump into the nail blogging universe and see whether or not it eats me up alive. :P  Over the past year or so, my new burning amour has been for nail polish.  I can't seem to get enough of it.  I confess, that fact somewhat embarrasses me.  I don't know anybody in my personal circle who gets excited about nail polish like I do, so I feel a little strange going to Ulta with my sister and shamelessly salivating over the latest OPI display.  I started reading nail blogs about a year ago, beginning with sweet Essie Rae's iHeartPrettyPolish and I was hooked.  She encouraged me to try my own blog, and I must have been feeling particularly bold, because here I am! (Hey, I guess if she could convince me that I needed Butter London's Wallis, she could talk me into anything.)  I am excited to share my own thoughts and feelings and blah blah blahs about nail polish with the world!  YAY!!

And so a little bit about myself...I live in beautiful Southeast Coastal Georgia, in a shrimping town with no traffic light, and where we have exactly 2 seasons:  warm and hot.  I love family, church, dogs, zoos and aquariums, photography, traveling, music, art, making people laugh, large quantities of chocolate, and Britlit drama.  I have a very blessed life! :)  I've had a lifelong love of cosmetics, and I am extremely pale, which sometimes makes nail polish look really different on me.  (I have to mix goth white foundation with ivory to match my skin.  But no complaints here...it's my best feature!) People refer to me as "fancy."  I hope they don't mean that in a Reba McEntire kind of way.

I became a first-time bride in December 2011, just before I turned 43 years old!
My something blue was Revlon's Not So Blueberry. :)

Aquariums are even more fun when you're wearing My Big Break by OPI...

My beautiful baby Sebastian and me...he passed away on March 12 of this year. :'( 

And now for the ugly truth...I have serious nail issues.  I work with paper at my day job, and my hands and cuticles stay drier than yesterday's toast.  I have tiny little nail beds, and my nails peel like onions.  No matter what polish I use, or base coat, top coat, etc., I always have tip wear within 2 hours.  So I never wear the same polish 2 days in a row.  Even when my nails are in very good condition, I can't wear anything for more than a day.  C'est moi!  I look at all those lovely nails on all those lovely bloggers and sometimes have a hard time relating to them because I have so many issues!  Being eternally clumsy doesn't help either.  Why, just this morning, I lopped off 2 nails with my razor whilst shaving my legs!  Bravo, me! :)  I have to work really, really hard at keeping my hands looking presentable.  I think that's probably the main reason I was so hesitant about starting my own blog!

All that being said, I really love me some nail polish...high-end stuff, drugstore stuff, all manner of stuff.  So...if you're courageous enough to take this journey with me, I would welcome and truly appreciate the company.  It gets lonely salivating all by myself.


  1. What a GREAT introduction. I loved it. I can't wait to share your blog with everyone:) I'll wait until you are ready though! I felt the exact same as you in the beginning. I only showed my thumb nail because I was embarrassed about the rest. Also, I blogged for almost a month without anyone reading/seeing it. You will realize very quickly that bloggers and people who love nail polish are very kind...so don't be shy! I look forward to seeing more:)

  2. You are SUCH a sweetheart! Thank you so much. I'm probably way too hard on myself...but you know how it is. :) Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. I love your introduction!! <3 It took me a few months to jump on the blogging band (nail?) wagon, but it's great fun :D I love forward to reading more of your posts! :D

  4. Yay, a blogger that has the same nail issues that I do! LOL Thanks to your warm introduction I think I'm going to like it here. Looking forward to seeing more.

    1. Ah, thank you so much! How sweet are you? :)

  5. Welcome to the family Melissa! <3


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