Monday, April 29, 2013

butter LONDON - The Black Knight

Hey everybody! :)  If a "black knight" is to a "white knight" what bad is to good, then this polish is most appropriately named.  This is one bad boy...butter LONDON's The Black Knight.  This was part of my very first bL polish purchase, when Ulta was having a buy one get one free sale.  I remember even the girl at the checkout counter said, "Ooooh, that is pretty!"  This polish is a super-glittery mix of blue, silver, and pink (heavy on the pink) suspended in a black jelly base.  Just beautiful.

butter LONDON The Black Knight
Glittering and bold...everything a knight should be, right?

The Black Knight seems to be the perfect guy.  He's daring, he's fearless, he's gorgeous!  But he's flawed!  Oh, why do so many beautiful things have a dark side?? 

  Polish Behaving Badly - *SOB*

Wearing The Black Knight is like going out with an incredibly good-looking, yet self-absorbed, guy.  You love looking at him, but you know he'll only bring you heartache in the end.  He greedily eats top coat like you're the one paying the tab.  He is so shallow that the layers of his personality flake off before your eyes.  I have never worn this polish for more than 6 hours before it starts to chip.  And I don't mean little chips...I mean like half of the nail comes off in one sheet.  Happens every single time.  But I'm just a sucker who keeps going back for more...I keep telling myself he'll change...

Could he just be your knight in shining armor?

There is absolutely no denying that The Black Knight is one handsome heart breaker.  So, if you still wish to go into this relationship knowing the risks, then I wish you much happiness.  Maybe he will treat you better than he has treated me.  Maybe he just doesn't like my nails.  Maybe you are the girl of his dreams.  Just don't cry too much if he loves you and leaves you.

Ah...the appeal of the bad boy...

Have a lovely Tuesday, and thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. Rofl. Best Black Knight review EVER!!! When I as in high school I had a MASSIVE crush on this dude I called the Black Knight. I can't for the lif of me remember why...

    I have the same issue with some of my Butters, and I hear you really need their basecoat for their polishes to last to their full advantage. I mean to pick up Horse Power next time I'm in Ulta because polishes this pretty should not be so selfish. :D

  2. :P I know...right??! I have read the same thing about the base coat, but I've also read where people say it doesn't make a difference. Something's gotta I type this, I've got 3 chips competing for the blue ribbon! :(

  3. Hahaha!! I love your writing style! The ongoing humor in this post is great - something I strive for in mine as well. :-) You know, this might be a dupe of Hits Speciallita "Toxic Galaxy," judging by what I saw on a Brazilian blogger's post. If you wanna check it out, it's available on, and I always use Google images to view lotsa swatches before buying a polish. ;-) ...although I think because Hits is an international brand, it has less swatches floating about (a boat?) in cyberspace. :-( Well, if you do order it, I hope it has a better formula for you!

  4. :)I love your writing style as well! Thanks for following me! I do the same thing before I buy a polish. I just have some serious nail issues and I always know that the same polish that wears great on somebody else may do horribly for me. I was actually on Llarowe last night and saw something that looked very similar...then I got sleepy and they all started looking alike...LOL...

  5. Replies
    1. LOL...thanks...he really tries my patience!! :P

  6. This review is fabulous!!!! Nothing is tempting like a bad boy so I think I might have to get this one to see if he'll love me and leave me as well ;-)

    1. Haha...thanks Dani!! Just remember I warned you!! :)

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    1. Oh my goodness, how sweet!! No YOU are awesome!! :)


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